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My beautiful silver persian, Nymph passed on somewhere between 12:30-3:30am, Sept. 23.

She was 18 years old. She and Zody and Spicey were with me through some of the most important things in my life, I feel like it's the end of an era.

She had kidney failure, was hyper thyroid and had a heart murmer. She has been deteriorating the last few weeks but then would rally again.

Two weeks ago she insisted on going outside with me (she's always been an indoor cat who was scared of the outdoors) I took her on a leash and she lay beside me on the grass, then on my lap and suddenly leapt off and chased a white butterfly.

It's a memory I will always cherish. We shared some wonderful close cuddles in the last few months.

I knew Thursday night it wouldn't be much longer, she had stopped eating and drinking on Wednesday night so I had her rehydrated with subcutateous fluid so she would be comfortable.

I gave her Bach flower remedy impatiens for pain by rubbing it onto her ears, although I don't think she experienced any pain, at least it didn't seem like it. I also gave her arsenicum album to ease the passing.

During our last cuddle she turned her head and stared into my eyes for a long while, I told her I loved her so much and kissed her nose. Then she gave a pitiful little meow to let me know she wanted off my lap-it was too warm for her.

So I took her up to bed, turned a box on it's side put thick bedding into it and a puppy training pad in case of accidents and curled up beside her. I was so tired I must have drifted off and when I awoke she was gone.

Stretched out just like Spicey had been. Her front arms crossed, she just looked peaceful and relaxed as if she was sleeping. I was so hoping this would happen because I was going to have a vet come over and help her pass on Friday, but my wish came true and she went peacefully on her own.

At least now she is free of the discomforts of old age and disease and she is now with Zody and Spicey and others who had loved her.

Zody and she always shared a special bond, they loved each other.

Even though both were fixed, they would mate or at least go through the motions of it right up to age 15 (usually at 3:00am in the morning on my bed, I'd be awoken with their little 'love talks and murmers' )

She was the sweetest cat I have ever had, she never raised a claw, she never bit, she was all love. I will miss her so much

Chris Kuderle