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Sum of All Purrs

By Crissie Summer Foltz

I knew the day she came to stay

That she was quite unique.

You see, Vans come with warnings --

They're a challenge, so to speak.

They'll try your patience --

They'll jump too high; they abound with energy.

They'll keep you on your tippee toes,

And do just what they please!

Broken vases, broken plaques --

Nothing is off limits.

The higher is the better,

And the pinnacle a pittance.

Stair rails, plate rails --

All there for them to climb.

Anything you wish preserved

Becomes the brunt of kitty crime.

Luxuriant tail swishing in and out,

Tip curling back and forth.

Volcanic eyes flash electric gaze,

Invisible foes to thwart.

But! All is forgiven, for, oh! What sweetness --

Inherent within one form....

Only God above could wrap such love

In resplendent fur so soft, so warm.