Scat Mat/Mini Scarecrow

Contech Intellegent Animal Control has introduced a number of new products including ScatMat(R) and the Mini ScareCrow, an automatic pet deterrent, to its line of products.

The Scat Mat is a pet training mat that's been re-designed in a clear color that easily blends with floors and furniture. You won't notice the mat, but your cat will.

The Scat Mat is an electronic pet training mat that uses a persuavise, yet completely harmless, static pulse to keep your cat from shedding, scratching, or doing other business where you don't want him to.

The new clear Scat mat blends almost seamlessly with furniture, countertops, doorways and even windowsills.

For more information about the Scat Mat and the Mini Scarecow, a motion sensor that activates a warning sound and a brief, harmless spray of compressed air to keep pets out of your potted plants, porch or patio, please go to: or