Petmate's New LitterLocker

Makes Litter Disposal Easy as 1-2-3

Petmate's® new LitterLocker® gives cat owners an odor free, hygienic way to dispose of waste. It provides a quick, clean and easy-to-use solution to the age-old problem of litter box odor and clean up.

Using the LitterLocker soiled litter disposal system is easy as 1-2-3:

(1) Scoop clumps from the litter box using the included scoop.

(2) Empty the clumps into the LitterLocker.

(3) Turn the sealing handle.

One turn a day seals odors away in a seven-ply plastic bag that's so smell-proof, pet owners can wait weeks before emptying the unit. LitterLocker refill cartridges last about two months for one cat.

Emptying LitterLocker is easy too:

Push the button to open.

Cut the plastic bag using the built-in, child-proof cutter.

Discard the bagged, odorless waste in the garbage.

Cat owners love the fact that LitterLocker handles a dirty job with style. The disposal system is engineered with an attractive, compact design that blends with any home environment or stores easily when not in use.

LitterLocker® is a product of Petmate®, a company that encourages responsible pet ownership through the marketing of quality pet products with a focus on safety, training and transport. Call 1-877-PETMATE or visit for the retailer near you.