Patio Pacific

The cat wants in. The cat wants out. (Into his fully enclosed outdoor sunny spot, of course).

Do you sometimes feel like you spend more time attending to your cat's needs than to your own? They wouldn't be those wonderful animals we love so dearly if you didn't.

'Cat Door' or 'Dog Door'? Thirty years ago in the United States pet doors were generally 'small', 'medium', 'large' and 'extra large'.

If you had a cat, you generally used a 'small' unless it was a very big cat.

The 'cat flaps'? They tend to be much more square, they have rigid flaps and they're always plastic framed. Often they will include a 4-way lock.

Flexible flap? Metal frame? Or would like the flap to be taller than it is wide?

Decisions. Decisions.

Check out: and see if this company doesn't have something that will fit your specific needs.