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Aggressive Kitty

Dear Kismet,

My female cat is 8 months and she is in heat again. We recently got another cat that is male and 4 months old. The male cat keeps on biting and scratching the female who is in heat. We were just wondering if he was just playing or would this be some type of foreplay for cats. Also, neither of the cats is fixed.


Gone Crazy with Kitties

Dear Gone Crazy with Kitties:

Thanks so much for writing us, and I think we can provide you with some helpful information and suggestions about how to improve the relationship between your cats. This should make things much nicer for you as well!

Is your male cat being aggressive with his "biting" and "scratching"? This is not normal behavior, especially with cats this young where playing is usually a much more common activity. If they did not have time to get properly acquainted with some time separated in the beginning, they need to get used to each other's scents, then have supervised time together.

He might be feeling threatened by the older cat and you might need to back up their introductions until he feels more comfortable with the living situation.

Cats reach sexual maturity about 6 months and your female will keep coming into heat until she is bred and becomes pregnant and, of course, with the huge overpopulation of unwanted cats already, this is not something that you should allow to happen.

Even though he is not quite mature, her behavior and actions may be having a strong effect on him even if he is not quite sure what do about it.

There is NO question that you need to get them both neutered -- as soon as possible -- or you will soon have kittens and she is really too young for a litter of kittens. She is still just a kitten herself.

Male cats often will grab the females by the back of the neck and as you can imagine, the female is not always very pleased with his advances. Some amount of hissing, biting and swiping of paws is to be expected, but we are worried from your description that your young male is having some problems. You may need to give them some time apart, especially while she is in heat.

We would recommend that you call you local veterinarian as soon as possible and make an appointment to get her spayed. You can ask at what age your veterinarian is comfortable neutering your male cat.

Some veterinarians will do very young kittens while others like to wait until closer to 6 months of age. As soon as your veterinarian is willing to neuter them both, we would expect a much more peaceful and happy household for you and your kitties.

Not only should it greatly improve this current situation, but also it will help you to avoid many other common behavior problems like spraying, trying to get out all the time, loud calling, etc. for the young male.

Your kitties will both be MUCH happier and more content with the reduction of hormones and then they can focus on their feline and human family for play and companionship.

You might also talk to you veterinarian about your young male's behavior.

I hope this help,