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Dear Tabby:

I hope that you can help us. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I have a 1-year-old cat, and we just moved in with two new roommates a few months ago. She hisses at them and attacks them all the time leaving bite marks and bad scratches on them at times.

She is never hit, only punished by a time out in her cage or by yelling "no" and ignoring her. We've tried almost everything to get her to not be so hostile towards the new roommates. She attacks without any provocation!

Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much for any info you can give me and for taking the time to read this letter!

Patrick Munn

Dear Patrick;

Has your cat exhibited this type of behavior before?

Has she ever shown hostility to any of your friends or family? If not, first make sure that the new roommates are not teasing or abusing her in any way.

If that's not the case, perhaps she's just being protective of her new digs (some female cats are notoriously territorial).

If the behavior continues, see your veterinarian. He or she may prescribe limited use of a tranquilizer to get her over this adjustment period.