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Meet Dr. Margaret

Margaret M. Callan-Lane D.V.M. is an associate veterinarian at Lane Animal Hospital in Chelsea, MI.

She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Dallas in Irving, TX and earned a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 1996 from Ross University.

I have been involved in caring for animals in some capacity or another for as long as I can remember. I grew up in upstate New York, part of a big family with many animals including horses, dogs, cats as well as innumerable wild orphans that would end up on our 10 acres on the Hudson River. I remember vividly my first job in a kennel at age 15 and I could not imagine how this could be called "work." I felt like I should be paying them for the privilege of handling the dogs.

Throughout my schooling, I always seemed to find jobs that revolved around animals. I even worked as a nanny for husband-and-wife practitioners caring for their twins. I idolized them and loved caring for the girls and watching them work. I never thought my life would one day be similar to theirs

I currently practice with my husband and two other associates, and am the proud mother of identical twin girls be careful what you wish for!

In addition to job and family, ours is the humble home of two proverbial lost souls; Manchester, a stray cat, named for a neighboring town, and Norman, a deaf Australian Cattle Dog, that my husband adopted during his residency in Oklahoma.

Dr. Margaret would be glad to answer your questions for a $6.00 fee, half of which goes to pay for the care of animals whose owners would not otherwise be able to afford to bring their pets into Lane Animal Hospital. She will answer your questions within 72 hours.

Questions should be of a general nature like those found on the Web site. Emergency and urgent care questions should be directed to your cat's veterinarian. When in doubt, always take your cat to the veterinarian.