Website Links Deploying Soldiers and Military Veterinary Clinics to Animal Caretakers

Our American soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines have been deploying by the thousands around the world. Some of these troops have no one to care for their animals when they are gone.

Military Veterinary Clinics face the problem of housing strays and unwanted pets daily.

Many patriotic Americans are offering to provide Pet Foster Care to ease the burdens on our deployed soldiers and our military veterinary clinics. Now a World Wide Web site: brings pet owners and pet caregivers together through its free classifieds listing service.

Our military may use the free classifieds to list their needs for a foster home or a adoptive home for their animal or citizens can list their desire to be a foster parent or pet owner in the "pet foster care" category.

The site provides a sample foster care agreement to be used as an example for the pet owner and the care giver.

The site does not assume responsibility for the pets and the pet owner is responsible for the final decision to work with a particular caregiver.