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Forever ...

(For Puddles -- 1991 to 2001)

By Sandra L. Toney

If only our furry friends could live forever . . .

We'd never know the pain of those ties they somehow sever...

When they pass on from this world to the next;

A part of us goes with them and we feel so perplexed.

Our moments with them on Earth are oftentimes too brief;

Someone comes and takes them from us much like a thief...

Who steals jewels and riches from our guarded, secret place;

Only this loss is much deeper and we often fall from grace.

How could this possibly happen to a life we hold so dear?

And why do we fall in love with those whose death we always fear?

They say that time heals all different types of pain;

Still no one ever explains to us what lessons we stand to gain.

We've always realized their life spans are much shorter than our own;

Yet we continue to let them seize our hearts as if we'd never known...

That the one fateful day when we are least prepared...

An angel will collect that true companion we wish could have been spared.

Those precious paws we'll hear no more running to our side;

The pet we swore we'd love forever has broken our hearts and died.

But let's hope that when our spirits grow tired and weak from sorrow...

That gentle soul we once called 'friend' will live within us all again tomorrow.