First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit For Your Cat

"With the arrival of spring, many pets become more active as they spend more time outdoors, accompanying their humans on longer walks, hikes and other adventures. During this time they can be more susceptible to any of a variety of injuries. Having a quality animal first aid kit handy for such emergencies is part of being a responsible pet owner," said Al Hickey, Western Regional Director for The Humane Society of Canada (HSC).

The Humane Society of Canada (HSC) has produced a quality first aid kit. This compact, well-stocked kit can easily be taken to the cottage, on camping trips and similar outings making it an invaluable, potentially life-saving item for your animal companions. The following items are contained in the animal first aid kit:


magnifying glass

rescue sheet

latex gloves (1 pair)

hydrogen peroxide (bottle)

antibacterial topical ointment (tube)

instant cold pack

adhesive tape (roll)

sterile gauze pads (3)

sterile gauze (roll)

insect sting stop pads (8)

antiseptic towlettes (6)

antimicrobial handwipes (3)

elastic cling bandage

Q-Tip® cotton swabs (12)

antiseptic solution (bottle)

eyewash solution (bottle)

safety pins (medium size) (4)

tongue depressors (2)

penlight with batteries (2AA)


first aid booklet

money to make a phone call

According to HSC Executive DirectorMichael O'Sullivan, the kit was developed to assist companion animals and their humans in times of emergency.

"When your animal is hurt, time is critical. That's why we've developed a special HSC Animal First Aid Kit to try and help relieve their suffering," said O'Sullivan.

Included with the kit is an informative 28-page first aid manual. Veterinarians and animal care workers have reviewed the kit and first aid manual. According to O'Sullivan the contents of the kit have been field-tested in disaster and war zones around the world.

"This kit was created to assist people with their pets in times of emergency before their veterinarian can be seen. However, as an added bonus, all of the revenue generated from these kits goes to our programs aimed at protecting animals," said O'Sullivan.

"So when you buy an HSC first aid kit, you're not only looking out for your animal companions, but pets and wild animals that need help as well," O'Sullivan said.

The cost of the animal first aid kit is $29.99 (includes all taxes, postage and handling.)

For more information or to order the animal first aid kit call (toll free) 1-800-641-KIND (5463) or go to the Humane Society of Canada's Web site at

The animal first aid kit is in the HSC Online Adventure Store).