End Cat Scratching Problems

Believe it or not, a cat's seemingly endless desire to sink its claws into your sofas, chairs, curtains and other expensive household surfaces has more to do with biology than bad behavior.

Cats actually NEED to scratch in order to remove an irritating scale buildup on their nails.

The SmartyKat SuperScratcher and the twice-as-wide SuperScratcher+ by Worldwise® help cats and cat owners maintain domestic harmony by providing an irresistible alternative surface for cats to indulge their itch to scratch.

Cats are initially drawn to the SuperScratcher, a simple slab of recycled corrugated cardboard, for the pure, potent and pesticide-free SmartyKat Certified Organic Catnip inside.

Once atop the product, cats quickly discover the paw-pleasing texture of the dense, honeycombed pad designed to mimic tree bark ­ nature¹s scratching post.

The catnip-enhanced SuperScratcher's ability to turn otherwise indifferent cats into adoring love slaves often overshadows its main purpose as a scratching solution. With the business of scratching behind them for the moment, cats will lounge, sleep, play and often worship their SuperScratcher.

"Cat owners who have tried more costly, bulky or ineffective alternatives will appreciate the simple effectiveness of the SuperScratcher," said Aaron Lamstein, president and chief executive officer of Worldwise. "The SuperScratcher is a certifiable cat magnet ­ a scratching solution, training tool, toy and lounger in one product."

Pet owners who have lived with mammoth carpeted or sisal cat scratching "towers" for the sake of their furniture will appreciate the flat, unassuming profile of the SmartyKat SuperScratcher. The standard, 19 inches long x 5-1/2 inches wide SuperScratcher fits subtlety in any corner as does the doublewide SuperScratcher+, which gives cats of all sizes a bigger scratching and lounging area.

The SuperScratcher not only diverts cats from scratching inappropriate surfaces, it actually helps train them to recognize an appropriate one. Unlike carpeted scratching posts which effectively teach a cat it¹s "OK" to scratch carpet, the SuperScratcher trains a cat away from household surfaces and teaches it to claim the scratching pad as its own.

As if there weren't enough things to admire about this product ­ toy, bed, exerciser and training tool in one ­ the Worldwise SuperScratcher serves the planet as well as it does cats and their owners. Made of nearly 30 percent recycled materials and certified organic catnip, it is long lasting, safe and natural. It is recyclable with cardboard and will biodegrade in nature.

The SuperScratcher (MSRP $5.99-9.99), and SuperScratcher+ (MSRP $8.99-14.99), which are available at Petco, Target, Long¹s, Wal-Mart, Kroger and Stop ¹n Shop stores nationwide, join the Worldwise family of environmentally responsible consumer products, each made from recycled, reclaimed or sustainably harvested materials.

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