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Cat Hair Loss

Hair loss is becoming a real serious health problem recently. Some cats have hair coming out in chunks leaving large bald patches. Some hair loss starts at the tail and moves forward. Others are almost completely bald. We have been getting frantic emails and calls about this condition since last spring.

From our experiences over the past several years, we have found this condition to be caused by toxins in the cat's system. What this means is that the cat's body is so poisoned from chemicals that the blood is fully loaded with contaminants and it cannot provide nourishment to all the cells in the cat's body. The skin is the largest organ in the body requiring lots of nourishment. The bald spots and hair loss are a manifestation that there is something clearly wrong with the cat's system as these cells are not getting nourished, hence the hair falling out.

Most conventional veterinarians will tell an owner that the cat has allergies and it is just scratching the itch that the allergies cause. We think that this cause is much much deeper than an allergy problem. In fact we strongly believe that allergy problems themselves are an indication of toxins in the system with the liver and kidneys and lungs unable to filter these toxins out because they are overloaded.

Once the filtering system of the body becomes overloaded, those toxins (poisons) are still there. Where do they go now? These toxins go to the other tissues of the body. Since the skin is the largest organ, it gets more than its share of the toxic substances. These toxins will go to the joints causing arthritic conditions. They will go to the brain causing epileptic seizures. They can go to the immune system causing fatigue. They can go to the reproductive system causing infertility and deformity in the offspring. The list of chronic conditions that are caused by toxic substances in the body goes on and on.

In order to have a feline return to health, these toxins must be removed. If not, then chronic health conditions will continue.