Barley Cat

Does your cat have a propensity for eating the house plants? Maybe he’s missing out on his servings of “greens.” Or at least that’s what The Green Foods Corporation, makers of Barley Cat, believe.

“In the wild, cats and dogs would be eating raw food and plants,” said Dennis Hoth, a spokesman for Green Foods of Oxnard, CA. “But for today’s domesticated pet, grazing in the backyard isn’t the best thing for a pet’s digestion. We take care of the green foods needed in a pet’s diet with Barley Cat.”

According to the American Pet Survey, 20 percent of pet owners have considered or tried nutritional supplements for their pets.

“Even the most nutritionally complete pet foods lack what can only be found in fresh greens,” Hoth said. “Barley Cat has active enzymes and chlorophyll that help detoxify pets and promote good digestion. They contain trace minerals that can provide healthier skin and coats. They’re more than nutritional supplements. They’re natural food additives that can be sprinkled on every meal.”

Barley Grass, according Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, contains more than 20 different enzymes that act as catalysts to break down food into elements the body uses for energy and fuels its functions.

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