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Apothepet, a nationwide full-service veterinary pharmacy offering comprehensive veterinary pharmaceutical services, launched recently.

So every type of pet owner is happy, every prescription from Apothepet is the lowest price anywhere and tested to ensure a safe product.

Additionally, this new vet pharmacy offers flavored liquid medications, consultations from a full staff of registered pharmacists and veterinarians, plus herbal formulations and holistic consultations.

Apothepet was developed by vets, for vets and is the perfect solution for keeping costs down with no unnecessary inventory.

It simplifies the veterinary practice by taking care of fulfilling prescriptions -- accepted by phone, fax, and online at: .

Saving the vet time and money, all medications are delivered directly to the pet owner’s door (overnight if necessary). What’s more, Apothepet rewards veterinarians monthly for each prescription (initial scripts and refills).

Apothepet offers services that other veterinary clinics and pharmacies do not provide including:

1. Flavored liquid meds, which are easier, safer and more effective for dosing an animal.

2. Live, quick customer service– no confusing automated phone procedures.

3. Reward to vet for each prescription sent to Apothepet.

4. Meets and beats every market price and convenient home delivery.

5. Comprehensive veterinary pharmaceutical services plus holistic, herbal and homeopathic formulations and consultations.

6. Ability to compound discontinued medications.

Apothepet has selected to use the FDA-approved veterinary flavors of FLAVORx, the leader in pharmaceutical flavoring proudly made in the U.S.A.

Studies show that only 10 percent of cat owners and 30 percent of dog owners succeed in medicating their pets correctly.

Apothepet’s flavored liquid suspensions are easier for owners to dispense to their pets and easier for the pets to swallow, leading to boosting compliance and quicker recovery.

“We’re delighted to help vets with many of the daily rigors in their practice that take up time,” says Art Young, Apothepet Veterinarian.

“Using Apothepet eliminates medicinal billing, reordering and tying up money in unnecessary medication inventory.”