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Angela Moore's Kitty Witty Line

Aren't these the cutest kitty ornaments you've ever seen? They'd make the perfect Christmas gift for the cat loving friend.

Designed by Angela Moore, a creative wiz with her company based in Newport, RI, the Kitty Witty line was inspired by her first (and supsequent cats) named Kitty Witty.

She started out designing handpainted beaded jewelry and accessories and, since beginning her line in 1997, it’s been a HUGE hit.

Moore has now expanded to include the Kitty Witty Collection® that includes a bracelet, necklace, earrings and charm in addition to ornaments. With more items planned in the future.

Why a kitty line, because, of course, Moore LOVES them and her present kitties were adopted from a local rescue group.

Each item is “handcrafted, handmade and hand stitched,” so each is a little different, lending something special to each piece.

Moore’s philosophy is “making everyday living an art,” and she’s living up to that tall order by offering cat lovers the opportunity to show off their love of all things feline.

This not-to-be missed collection is just adorable. For more information about Angela Moore’s collection or to receive a catalog, call 1-800-927-5470 or visit her Web site at: