All By Myself Video

All By Myself Video/DVD Series announced the nationwide availability of "All By Myself: "Taking Care of My Pet."

The All By Myself Series is a unique line of videos that help children with the basic challenges they face growing up. With independence as the ultimate goal, the videos/DVDs also provide an entertaining look at the steps to getting dressed and caring for a pet.

Jill Avery Zuleeg, one of the founders of All By Myself, came up with the idea of a self-empowering video series after her 3-year-old soon proudly proclaimed he had dressed himself.

"I was so excited at his triumphant feeling and realized what a defining moment it was for him to 'do it himself.' I searched the market for a video that would reinforce my son's sense of independence and accomplishment, but found nothing."

With necessity as the mother of invention, Avery -Zuleeg teamed up with two friends, also mothers and former colleagues at Apple Computer, Inc., Michele Free and Carmela Zamora Robertson. The three of them joined together to create the All By Myself brand of videos/DVDs.

"Taking Care of My Pet, Vol. 2" is perfect for families who have a pet or are thinking about adopting one. This volume features a cast of children ages 3 through 8 feeding, grooming and exercising a wide variety of animal friends. Children will gain responsibility as they discover the joy and importance of taking care of the family pet.

Kids love imitating other kids, and parents will be thrilled as their children are inspired to take an active role in their home.

Additional All By Myself videos/DVDs are in the works, including "I Can Help," "Getting Ready for Bed" and "Going to School." The first two volumes are available at