Pet-Temp Instant Ear Thermometer

Advanced Monitors Corporation, a leading producer of animal health care products, today announced the availability for sale of the Pet-Temp (TM) Instant Ear Thermometer, the first device of its kind for consumer use in a home environment. The Pet-Temp measures infrared heat waves emanated from an animalıs eardrum region to provide an accurate reading of core body temperature in one second.

"We have seen increasing demand from pet owners for an animal ear thermometer that is quick, easy, and reliable. The Pet-Temp allows people to become better involved with the management of their petıs health," said Dr. Jacob Fraden, Pet-Temp inventor and CEO of Advanced Monitors Corporation. Fraden, who previously developed the instant ear thermometer for humans, is a prolific inventor who holds more than 20 patents for medical electronic instruments and appliances.

In animals, an elevated body temperature should be monitored carefully to prevent potentially life-threatening situations. In the past, the only reliable method has been to insert a traditional thermometer (glass or digital) into the animalıs rectum. Not only is this difficult and time consuming, but potentially dangerous due to concerns about broken glass and mercury toxicity. In standardized testing, the Pet-Temp has been shown to be as accurate as a rectal thermometer and much simpler to use.

During the past three years, Advanced Monitors has been selling a professional version of the Pet-Temp to the veterinary health care industry. The Vet-Temp (R) Instant Animal Ear Thermometer is currently being used by thousands of veterinarians worldwide to make temperature-taking a kinder, gentler procedure for their patients.

The Pet-Temp works accurately on dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. The product is highly recommended for breeders, boarders, groomers, working dog owners, competitive dog owners and people that travel with their pets.

The Pet-Temp thermometer has a retail price of $79.95 and can be purchased through veterinary clinics, pet stores, catalogs, and directly from Advanced Monitors Web site.

For retail store locations and other product information, visit pet-temp.